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Real-Time Lead Flow Alerts

Lead flow alerts


All opportunities are displayed when a user opens the Synergy Agent Panel. When action is required, an explanation mark is displayed, and further info is easily accessible. Lead histories can be tracked. Comments left by leads about properties are designated with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon.


If there is a property that requires an action to be taken care of, there will be an exclamation mark displayed in the Action Required column. If a lead sends an inquiry or email, this icon will be displayed. Users can click the exclamation point icon to address the need.

To view the activity for a property, the user can click the address link for the property in the Property Showing Name column on the Synergy Agent Panel screen.

Viewing the History of a Lead


The lead’s activity is shown in the History column of the Synergy Agent Panel. Users can click any of the History icons to view that type of activity related to the lead. The icons will be green if there is history.

If there is no history for an activity type, there is no icon displayed for it.

Each icon will represent a particular aspect of communication: SMS, Notes, Email, and History tracking.


Property Sentiments: Leads are given the opportunity to leave feedback (comments) when they view a property. A “green thumbs up” icon or “red thumbs down” icon is displayed to show the lead’s feedback. Click the Icon for more details.


If there is a red email icon for a lead, that means there is an email from them that has not been replied to.