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Lead Management Panel


With the Synergy Agent Panel, users can review, interact, monitor, and manage every lead that comes from multiple sources linked to a specific property or event.

All leads that have inquired about the property or event are displayed on this Synergy Agent Panel. The lead with the most recent activity (Latest Action) will be at the top of the list.


From the Synergy Agent Panel users can do the following:

  • View  lead’s  details,  agent  assignment  date,  alerts,  and  history  of actions.
  • Schedule,     reschedule,     and   cancel    attended    and   unattended showings or appointments.
  • Select a lead and send an individual email or text. Select several leads and send mass emails or texts.
  • Get directions to the place of appointment from the agent’s current location.
  • Change a lead’s status.
  • Select a lead and create a note. View a property or event details.
  • Address a required action for a selected lead. Generate contracts.
  • Generate lead activity reports.


The Synergy Agent Panel displays the following details for the selected property or event:

  • Lead’s Name Email
  • Phone Number Status
  • Status
    –  New: Brand new lead. There has not been any communication yet.
    –  Scheduled: A showing or appointment has been scheduled with the lead.
  • Latest Action
  • Requested Time: The appointment times that the lead has requested. Note this is not necessary when an appointment or a showing has been scheduled unless the Status column says Scheduled.
  • History