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Appointment Scheduler Optimization


An easy road map guides the scheduling process in which three dates and times are chosen. Once scheduling is complete, an e-mail informs the lead and asks them to approve one of several suggested times.

Schedule Process: Road Map

Schedule Process: Graphic Map

Step 1: Select the check box for a lead

Step 2: Click the Schedule button

Step 3: Select up to 3 dates and times.

If the agent already is booked to show a property or for another event at that time, it will show up to be scheduled in red, so that agent will not double book showings. The agent can remove those times at the bottom of the screen.


Step 4:   When the Done button is clicked, an email is sent to the lead to ask them to approve one of the suggested times.


Step 5: The Back button can be clicked to cancel at any time.

When the showing time is accepted by the lead or the agent, the lead’s Status will change to Showing Scheduled.

When this occurs, an appointment is created for the agent on the Synergy calendar (Home), Google Calendar, and any other synced calendar.

If an appointment time is already scheduled for that day, the lead will not be allowed to select any other time for that particular day.


The lead and the agent will receive confirmation of the scheduled appointment, and a calendar invite via email.